A Bright Summer Smile With Teeth Whitening In Ephrata

Get the sparkling, bright teeth you deserve this Summer with teeth whitening in Ephrata from our team.You’re glad it’s almost Summer – you’re looking forward to the warm weather and the longer days filled with sunshine. And, since it’s just around the corner, you’ve dedicated yourself to getting in shape to look good in shorts and at the pool. You’ve started going back to the gym, you’re eating nutritious foods, and you’re even meditating to keep stress at bay – but is there anything you’re missing in your revamped health routine? Don’t forget about your most important physical feature – your smile. In this post, the team at Ephrata Family Dentistry explain why Kor teeth whitening in Ephrata is such a popular cosmetic procedure, and how it can make your teeth sparkle and shine this Summer.

What Is KoR Teeth Whitening?

As your trusted dentist in Ephrata, Dr. Glenn Wenger, Dr. Dennis Cerasoli and Dr. Sean Moriarty provide an excellent solution to make your teeth lighter. To begin the KoR process, you’ll go through the following steps:

  1. You’ll have a professional cleaning, to make your teeth as clean as possible for the high-powered, professional strength whitening agent.
  2. Our dentists will apply the gel and it will penetrate the surface of the tooth to remove deep set stains – reaching as far as the inner layer of the dentin.
  3. Then, to maintain results, we’ll provide custom-made trays with whitening gel that you’ll wear for a short amount of time each day for a period of two weeks.
  4. You’ll return to the office for a final in-office KoR application that will give you the radiant smile you’ve been dreaming of.

KoR is one of the most powerful methods to treat stains, but don’t take it from us – check out the dramatic results for yourself. You’ll see how this option corrects some of the most serious discoloration from the before and after photos.

How Does KoR Teeth Whitening Work?

KoR uses professional grade hydrogen peroxide to lighten your teeth. This bleach addresses discoloration by safely penetrating the enamel, then destroying stains – even those that are intrinsic and that originate from deep within the tooth.

What makes KoR unique is its constant refrigeration, which ensures that the lightening agents in the gel don’t break down, since they aren’t exposed to heat. And, the custom-fitted KoR trays are specifically designed to keep saliva out of the gel – this is important because saliva decreases the potency of the gel, making it harder to whiten your teeth. Because your trays will be made just for you, you’ll get the most out of your at-home treatments.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Generally speaking, you can expect teeth whitening to last anywhere from six months to two years, and some people have even retained their results for up to a decade. There are things you can do to extend the longevity of your treatment, including:

  • Don’t smoke – this will stain your teeth, increase your risk of oral cancer, and make your breath smell bad.
  • Limit staining foods and beverages like red and white wine, coffee, sodas, berries, and balsamic vinegar. Instead, enjoy water, load up on leafy greens and dairy products like cheese, which can help prevent cavities.
  • Use straws when drinking liquids that can stain your teeth, and avoid swishing the liquid around your mouth.
  • Brush your teeth or rinse your mouth after you come in contact with any staining foods or beverages.
  • Be sure to our team for visits on a regular basis to maintain the results you’ve achieved.

Now that you know how Kor teeth whitening from Ephrata Family Dentistry can make your teeth as bright as the Summer sun, schedule your appointment today to get the bright smile you deserve!


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