Dental Restoration

Dental Restoration

Dental Restoration Ephrata

Dental Restoration

Our aim at Ephrata Family Dentistry is to put an end to your oral health issues before they even begin. Unfortunately, sometimes it's too late because of poor oral hygiene, infrequent checkups, and other risk factors. But better late than never, right? Our Ephrata clinic ensures the best restoration treatment to enhance your smile! We will take care of all, from your general oral health to overall teeth functionality and attractiveness.

Tooth Filling

Dental fillings are the best technique to treat mild to moderate tooth decay. Nowadays, the composite resin is the substance used in the majority of fillings. We color-match composite resin to your current enamel color. Because of this, a composite filling practically blends in with the rest of your tooth.
Tooth Filling Ephrata
Crowning Ephrata


A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that strengthens a tooth's structure and appearance after it has been broken or decayed. Our team will reshape your tooth to fit it into the form of a beautiful porcelain crown. After the tooth has been reshaped, a specialized glue will be used to attach the crown to the enamel securely.

On-lays and Inlays

When a cavity is too wide for a filling but not big enough for a dental crown, inlays and on lays are the best alternatives. If the restoration is attached to a tooth's occlusal (bite) surface, it is referred to as an inlay. If the restoration extends past one or more occlusal cusps, it is referred to as an on-lay.
On-lays and Inlays Ephrata
Extractions Ephrata


Simple and surgical tooth extractions are two very different extractions. When a tooth has already come out of the gum line, we simply extract it. When a tooth, like a wisdom tooth, is impacted but is in the process of erupting, we surgically remove it. Sometimes, an extraction is the only option to stop the spread of infection.


A dental bridge replaces a missing tooth by connecting two dental crowns with a fake tooth. The two adjacent teeth, referred to as abutment teeth, are modified to be attached to the crown. If several neighboring teeth are missing, several dental implants may also support a bridge. A bridge will prevent the rest of the teeth from moving out of alignment if you are missing a tooth.
Dental Bridge Ephrata
Denatal Implant Ephrata


During implant, we surgically install a little titanium post into the jawbone—the implant functions as the artificial tooth's root. Once the implant is done, osseointegration causes the titanium post to bind to the bone. The implant can help repair against the strongest stresses of your bite, thanks to osseointegration. Because of this, dental implants are frequently termed the finest alternative to natural teeth.

Root Canal

A root canal is the last attempt to keep a tooth from being extracted. If an infection has reached the "pulpy" base of the tooth, we may recommend a root canal. We use gutta-percha, a rubber-like substance, to plug the canals after eliminating the infection. Usually, a crown is required to cover a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy.
Root Canal Ephrata
Dentures Ephrata


A removable item known as a denture is typically used to replace one or more lost teeth. Metal clasps typically secure a partial denture to the neighboring teeth. An entire arch of artificial teeth is supported by an acrylic base in the flesh color in a complete denture. We provide custom-fit dentures as a comfier, practical, and durable option.
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