5 Healthy Eating Habits from Your Dentist in Ephrata, PA

Your dentist in Ephrata, PA wants you to ask yourself is my diet negatively effecting my oral health? Did you know that a part of practicing good oral health also includes maintaining a good, balanced diet?  That’s right, a healthy smile doesn’t just take brushing and flossing regularly. It’s affected by all of your healthy—or unhealthy—habits. Eating nutritious foods not only help you get that desired six-pack, but they keep your teeth and gums strong, too! If you’re having a hard time cutting unhealthy, processed foods out of your diet, your dentist in Ephrata, PA wants you to know the reasons why healthy foods are better for your teeth.  Dr. Wenger, Dr. Cerasoli, and Dr. Moriarty are eager to share with you how a healthy diet correlates to excellent dental care and an overall better lifestyle.

1.    Water is the best drink for your smile and body.

Water is the best beverage for maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to your teeth. Our bodies are made up of over 60% of water and staying hydrated helps our systems distribute nutrients and flush out toxins. Drinking water keeps your mouth clean by washing down lingering food and washing unwanted sugars stuck to your teeth. Instead of drinking a sugary, acidic soda with your meal, drink a tall glass of water!

2.    If you can, eat a dairy-rich diet.

Some patients may not be able to indulge in as many dairy products as others, but if you can they can be great products for your dental health. Dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt are low in sugar and acid but still packed with protein and calcium which is great for maintaining strong teeth!

3.    Lean proteins are great for healthy smiles.

Foods high in phosphorus like light meats, poultry, fish, and eggs help to strengthen your teeth. These sources contain high amounts of protein and are typically low in calories. Maintaining a high-protein low-carb diet will feed your body and smile the protein it needs to stay strong without the sugar that sticks to your ribs and teeth with carbs.

4.    Fruits and vegetables are key.

Natural foods like fruits and vegetables are great for both your body and healthy teeth, gums, and your jawbone. Since they are high in fiber, they help to balance the natural sugars they contain and clean your teeth rather than wearing down your enamel. Chewing crunchy foods like raw vegetables stimulate saliva production, a natural mouthwash your body creates.

5.    Nuts nourish our bodies and smiles.

Healthy, low-sodium nuts contain proteins and minerals that are important to any balanced diet. These nutritious snacks are low in carbohydrates, reducing the chances of you getting cavities from high-carb sugary diets. Another benefit is that chewing crunchy substances stimulate your jawbone, keeping it strong and healthy to hold your teeth in place for years to come!

The foods you choose and how often you eat them directly correlate to healthy—or failing—teeth and gums. Your family dentist in Ephrata is here to help you discover which habits are the best for not just your oral health, but your overall health as well. Let us help you begin your journey to a fit body and strong teeth and gums. Contact Ephrata Family Dentistry today to meet with one of our dentists!


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