Gum Disease Treatment

It’s estimated that almost half of Americans suffer from gum disease, which causes symptoms as pleasant as bleeding, red, tender gums and persistent bad breath. One of the most detrimental effects of advanced stages of gum disease is recession of the gums. If you’ve lost a significant amount of healthy gum tissue, there is good news in that treatment for gum disease in Ephrata is rapidly advancing. Dr. Sean Moriarty corrects soft tissue recession without the need for a scalpel or sutures using the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique (CPST)!

Treatment for Gum Recession Is Critical

The gums can recede due to several factors, the most common being gum disease and aggressive tooth brushing. When the healthy gum tissue is lost, it is very slow to grow back. The tooth’s roots are exposed, meaning they are more sensitive to heat, cold, and air. Patients are also at a higher risk of developing root decay, since this area of the tooth is not covered in protective enamel. The cosmetic effects of gum recession are also significant. Treating recessed gums provides a significant aesthetic improvement while also protecting oral health.

About the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique

The CPST is an innovative way to replace gum tissue lost to gum disease — without scalpels or stitches. The traditional treatment for gum recession is a surgical grafting procedure in which healthy tissue is taken from elsewhere in the mouth and stitched onto the area where it’s gone missing. Gum grafting is invasive, uncomfortable, and it may take up to two weeks to fully recover. CPST offers a better alternative.

The procedure works by loosening the healthy tissue that is present above the recessed area. Using a needle and special tools, Dr. Moriarty makes a small hole in the healthy gum tissue and gently pulls it down or over to cover the exposed root. Collagen inserted into the area helps stimulate growth and attachment. There are no stitches to complete the procedure — meaning recovery is faster, more comfortable, and you get to enjoy an almost instant cosmetic improvement for your recessed gums.

Numerous Benefits of CPST

Compared to traditional gum grafting surgeries, CPST offers patients a number of advantages.

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • No scalpel, no stitches
  • Faster, more comfortable recovery
  • Less bleeding
  • Instant cosmetic improvement
  • Go on about your day as usual after treatment

Trust Dr. Moriarty for CPST

As the first dentist to be certified to perform CPST in Lancaster County, Dr. Moriarty is a local leader in advanced treatment for gum recession. He is committed to offering all patients the most effective treatments as comfortably as possible — and when it comes to treating gum recession, minimally-invasive CPST is a no-brainer.

Better Treatment for Gum Recession!

If you are dealing with the uncomfortable, unsightly effects of gum recession, there’s a solution that doesn’t involve scalpels and sutures. Request an appointment with your dentist in Ephrata to discuss the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique today!