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Invisalign® Clear Aligners
Ephrata, PA

Woman holding clear aligner in front of her mouth at Ephrata Family Dentistry in Ephrata, PAVarious people suffer from misaligned teeth, an overbite or underbite. This makes it difficult to chew your food comfortably and sometimes even close your mouth. There are various techniques and treatment methods that we offer when it comes to rectifying the alignment of your teeth but one of the most popular these days happens to be Invisalign. If you have an overbite or you find it difficult to close your mouth because your teeth keep getting in the way, then we highly recommend visiting our clinic at Ephrata Family Dentistry so we can help you rectify this problem with a simple, effective and convenient solution for you.

More Comfortable Than Wired Braces

For many years, people had to make do with wired braces to rectify the alignment of their teeth. These wires need to go around the molar so that they have support when it comes to pulling the front teeth behind. This process is invasive and requires multiple visits. Invisalign is more convenient and quick. It is a simple brace that slips over your teeth and helps to push them behind without any invasive procedure.

Unlike braces, getting used to an Invisalign is simple and it does not cause any discomfort. With braces, we may suggest extracting a tooth or two so that your teeth can be conveniently pushed behind; with Invisalign, this is not required. Invisalign is also not fitted permanently in your mouth. It can be taken out and cleaned independently and this makes it easy to use and easy to clean as well. If you want to enjoy your favorite foods all you need to do is take Invisalign aligners out and enjoy your meal. You can also take them out while you sleep.

Suitable For Young Adults

Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible, which makes it a great option for young adults as well. While children do not have a problem wearing a wire, adults who need to go to work and meet people regularly do feel a little embarrassed wearing something that is usually suited for children. When it comes to rectifying your smile, sometimes your parents might miss an overbite or a slight misalignment. Instead of having to live your life like that, you can always rectify it with the help of Invisalign, even as an adult. Teenagers would also prefer choosing Invisalign over traditional braces because it does not impact their appearance as much.

The best part about Invisalign is that you do not need to wear it all the time. This makes it a convenient way to rectify your smile. We also believe that Invisalign takes a lesser amount of time to straighten your teeth as compared to braces.

If you have a crossbite or you are wondering what needs to be done to rectify your misaligned teeth, then you can always give us a call at (223) 264-3020 or visit our clinic at Ephrata Family Dentistry to check what Invisalign is all about and how you can benefit from it.

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We at Ephrata Family Dentistry believe that Invisalign is a convenient way to rectify your smile, often taking less time to straighten your teeth as compared to braces. Call today!
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