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Oral Cancer Screening
Ephrata, PA

A woman getting an oral cancer screening at Ephrata Family Dentistry in Ephrata, PAThe word cancer is scary and the minute somebody thinks about it, there are a million thoughts that run through their head. The two things that people don't often relate to each other are cancer and oral screening. Oral cancer is one of the most common cancers that people suffer from and many people end up losing their life only because it wasn't detected in time. It is important to get an oral cancer screening done because it can benefit you in various ways and most importantly help save your life. Visit our clinic at Ephrata Family Dentistry so you can learn more about how you can protect yourself from this cancer and safeguard your family as well.

Early Detection

The key to treating and curing cancer is early detection. Most people who succumb to this disease, detect it at a later stage and it then becomes difficult to treat. Not only does a good oral cancer screening by our professionals help identify the early signs of cancer, but it also encourages you to get treated on time. This avoids having to go through painful surgeries and losing a part of your tongue and throat.

Early cancer detection not only prevents major invasive surgeries, but it helps you live a fuller life by avoiding amputation. Our professionals are well equipped and trained to identify these early signs so you can get timely treatment and prevent cancer from spreading. The sooner the cancer is detected and treated, the better the quality of life you will be able to have.

Understanding The Condition

Many people believe that because they do not have any genetic history of cancer or because they do not have bad lifestyle habits, they are not at risk for cancer. Although people who consume tobacco and alcohol are at a higher risk and those who have a history of cancer in the family are more prone to suffering from the disease, it does not necessarily mean that someone with no history or no bad habits cannot suffer from the condition. You need to understand that you are just as susceptible to this disease as anyone else and therefore you should get your oral cancer screening done by us to prevent the risk of this disease altogether. The screening should ideally be done at least once a year so that you are always in control of the situation.

Screening Can Save Your Life

Sometimes oral cancer can be a silent killer. While there might be signs and symptoms of cancer, it might not be very obvious, and some people tend to ignore these warning signs. When you visit us regularly, we can highlight the symptoms and ask you to get tested, but when you do not get oral cancer screening done regularly by us, it could become metastatic and difficult to control.

Do not let the fear of cancer get to you. Give us a call at (223) 264-3020 or visit us at Ephrata Family Dentistry so we can help detect this issue as early as possible.

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