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Periodontal Care
Ephrata, PA

Woman smiling after her periodontal care at Ephrata Family Dentistry in Ephrata, PAMost people believe that oral care is limited to their teeth. The truth however is that your teeth depend heavily on the strength of your gums and if you have bad gum health it could result in various dental problems such as severe tooth infection, tooth decay, and periodontal diseases. While identifying dental issues with your teeth is not that difficult, the ones that arise on your gums do take a longer time to show, and the only time you realize there is an infection is when the disease has gotten worse. One of the best ways to keep these periodontal diseases at bay is to get regular dental exams with us. In case you haven't had your dental exam in the last six months, please visit our clinic at Ephrata Family Dentistry where our professionals can rule out the possibility of periodontal diseases and ensure that you have good oral health.

Better Gum Health

Your gums are the pillars of support when it comes to protecting your teeth. No matter how healthy your teeth are, if you have weak and infected gums, your teeth are in danger. For you to ensure that your gums are in good health, you need to come in for regular dental exams with us. It is not easy to identify early signs of periodontal diseases. When the bacteria settle in, they immediately begin to create problems in your mouth. Most of the time people mistake these issues as something as minor, like dry mouth or blame it on something they ate.

Unfortunately, by the time periodontal disease spreads and starts showing signs of infection, it becomes a problem to treat. This is when it compromises the health of your gums and your teeth and you need to visit our professionals for multiple sittings just so that it can be treated correctly. (also known as periodontal maintenance.) This is a long and difficult process to go through, but when you ensure that you have not missed your dental appointments with us, there is a slim chance that you will contract any problems in the first place. Your gum health is necessary for maintaining overall oral hygiene. Your teeth need your gums to be strong if you want them to be problem-free.

Stronger Teeth

While everybody talks about having a beautiful smile, the basis of your smile is your gums. If you have problems like a receding gum or a gum that is filled with infection, it compromises the integrity of your teeth. The root of your tooth is embedded in your gums and when you start ignoring gum problems that's when it affects your teeth as well.

We always advise our patients to ensure that they not only keep their teeth clean, but they also look after the health of their gums. When you look after your mouth in the right way there is a slim chance you will suffer from periodontal diseases.

The best way to make sure you keep these problems away is to keep up your appointments with us. Call us at (223) 264-3020 or visit us at Ephrata Family Dentistry so that you can schedule an appointment and check the health of your gums to promote better oral care.

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Let our professionals at Ephrata Family Dentistry rule out the possibility of periodontal disease to ensure that you have good oral health. Call us today to schedule an appointment!
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