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Sleep Apnea
Ephrata, PA

A woman with sleep apnea smiling after waking up at Ephrata Family Dentistry in Ephrata, PASleep apnea is a condition where people tend to stop breathing while they are asleep. There is no cure for this condition, however there are certain treatment options available to help control the situation and help you lead a fuller and better life. In case you are wondering how you can control sleep apnea, we would highly recommend that you come visit us here at Ephrata Family Dentistry to learn more about oral appliance therapy.

Understanding Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition where you suddenly stop breathing because of a blockage in your airway. In this condition, people suddenly wake up and tend to run out of breath. This could happen multiple times during the night and each time it happens, you interfere with the oxygen supply to your brain.

This condition is more common in males than it is in females and people above the age of 40 are more prone to this condition than people below this age. Other factors determine the likelihood of you suffering from sleep apnea. These include things like being overweight and suffering from respiratory ailments like asthma. It's not a genetic condition and is seldom passed down from one generation to the other. This is an annoying health condition that has no cure, however, there are alternative treatment options available.

Why Is It Important To Treat It?

In case you are wondering why it's important to treat sleep apnea then you should know that avoiding treatment could mean potential nerve damage because of the constant lack of oxygen to your brain. This condition can also result in various heart-related ailments, irregular blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels. Let's not forget that people who suffer from lack of sleep are more prone to falling ill because their body is not well-rested. Their immune system keeps getting weaker and they are more susceptible to various infections.

Not being able to sleep properly also affects a person's behavior and this puts them in a difficult situation at work and even in their personal life. They are often labeled as people who are arrogant and irritable and this all stems from the fact that they are unable to get proper sleep. It's better to not be in such a mood because you tend to lose out on a lot of important relationships and the only way this mood can be avoided is by treating sleep apnea.

Contrary to what people believe, treatment procedures for sleep apnea are simple and they do not disturb your sleep in any way. In fact, they help you get better sleep. The devices are small, light, and portable and this makes it easier for you to carry and take them on your travels so that you can sleep easily irrespective of where you lay your head.

We take time to customize appliances for you so you can be as comfortable as possible while sleeping. If you have sleep apnea, please visit us before the condition worsens. You can pick up the phone and call Ephrata Family Dentistry at (223) 264-3020 to learn more about our effective treatment solutions.

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At Ephrata Family Dentistry we take time to customize appliances for you so you can be as comfortable as possible while sleeping with sleep apnea. Call us today!
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