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Woman sitting up in bed touching jaw in discomfortIndividuals who grind their teeth regularly start to suffer from multiple dental problems. Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD as it is most commonly known, often develops as a result of constant tooth grinding. While there is no cure for this condition, there are various ways you can treat it and prevent it from getting worse. You need to control TMD from the start because this condition only gets worse, and it not only affects the health of your teeth, but it affects your overall health as well. If you think you might have TMD or want to learn more about how TMD can be treated, then we can help. Here at Ephrata Family Dentistry, we understand how uncomfortable, and downright painful, TMD can be. This is why we will always do whatever we can to help ease the discomfort you are experiencing, while creating an effective long-term solution for you.

Reduce Dental Damage

One of the major issues that TMD causes is damage to your teeth. Constant grinding results in loss of tooth enamel, and this will result in various other dental issues, including sensitivity. When the tooth enamel is taken off, your teeth are at risk for various infections as well, because the nerves and root are exposed. The enamel on our tooth acts as a protective layer, protecting it from damage. The minute the enamel is lost, the tooth is susceptible to various infections, like abscesses. When you come see us for timely TMD treatment, you can prevent enamel loss and protect your teeth from damage. The sooner you begin treatment, the less likely this is to happen to you. If you realize that you grind your teeth, you should contact our office immediately.

Protect Overall Health

People who grind their teeth not only suffer from teeth problems, but they can also suffer from various other health issues. The constant grinding puts a lot of pressure on your jaws, and many people end up suffering from aches and pains in their jaw muscles as well as their necks. This pain also crawls to the back of your ears and can travel to your head. When someone is in constant pain, they are often irritable and cranky, and frankly, who could blame them? Unfortunately, when you are constantly irritable, it does not reflect well on your personality and you are seldom productive. This is not something you want for your personal or professional life. Constant teeth grinding can also disturb your sleep, which is only going to make things worse. We believe that no one should have to live their life this way, which is why we are so adamant about treating TMD as quickly as possible.

Better Oral Health

The sooner TMD is treated, the stronger and healthier your teeth are. Consistent grinding doesn't only damage the enamel, it also weakens the structure of your teeth. When your teeth become weak, it is easy for them to fall out, which can lead to an entirely new set of problems, such as shifting or loose teeth. Instead of replacing your natural teeth with artificial ones, it is better to treat TMD and protect your natural teeth. Call (223) 264-3020 to schedule an appointment with Ephrata Family Dentistry today so we can help diagnose and treat TMD!

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