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Tooth Extraction

Woman with face mask holding up a single toothTooth extraction is something that a lot of people, including our professionals, believe needs to be avoided at all costs. While a tooth extraction involves taking out the tooth along with the root, it does not mean compromising your oral health or the way you smile. If anything, extracting your tooth on time not only helps to repair your teeth but it also provides better protection for the neighboring teeth and it helps to promote better oral hygiene. If you have a painful tooth and you are wondering whether or not it needs to be extracted, visit our clinic at Ephrata Family Dentistry so we can come up with a solution that will be beneficial for your oral health.

Provide Relief From Pain

Sometimes tooth decay gets out of hand and it becomes impossible to save the tooth. The infection often spreads to the root and in such situations, the smartest thing would be to extract the tooth. This will prevent the infection from spreading to the gums or the neighboring teeth. While this may seem like a harsh decision, it protects the overall health of your mouth, which is of utmost importance.

Post tooth extraction, you can always replace the missing tooth with a dental implant that will function just as effectively as your natural tooth. Our professionals will ensure that you are comfortable and at ease while the extraction process is underway. When the tooth is extracted, not only will you feel a huge sense of relief, but you will also manage to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling that was preventing you from chewing your food. Once the extracted tooth area has healed, you can then choose a dental implant or another prosthetic to put in its place.

Enhances Your Smile

One of the best things about tooth extraction is that it can help repair your smile. Sometimes people suffer from overcrowding in their mouth and this affects their smile because the teeth are overlapping each other. Not only does overcrowding look bad, but it also results in low levels of oral hygiene. This is because it is not possible to effectively clean your teeth when they overlap one another. This situation can be controlled by extracting the teeth that overlap the others thereby giving you aligned teeth. Extraction may also be needed in case you need to get braces fit or when you want to undergo a tooth correction procedure.

One of the best ways to ensure that you have a perfect set of teeth is to prevent them from overlapping each other. When your teeth start overlapping, that’s when food particles can get stuck and create cavities, tartar, and plaque buildup. While you can get them cleaned regularly, this condition will continue resurfacing unless you rectify the root cause of the problem. Wisdom teeth can also create complications since they seldom erupt properly.

If you have a wisdom tooth, decaying tooth, or an overlapping tooth that needs extraction, please feel free to call us at (223) 264-3020 or visit us at Ephrata Family Dentistry so we can help you.

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If you have a painful tooth and you are wondering whether or needs to be extracted, visit our clinic at Ephrata Family Dentistry. Learn more here!
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