Specialty Services

Chao Pinhole® Gum Therapy

Did you know that more than half of adults in the US suffer from some type of periodontal disease? Many times, this disease is not treated until it becomes severe. Dr. Moriarty was determined to find a less-invasive solution for gum disease. This is when he discovered the Chao Pinhole® Gum Therapy technique. Dr. Moriarty became the first Certified Provider dentist in Pennsylvania for this type of therapy! To find out more about this technique and how it could treat your periodontal disease, call us today!

Periodontal Therapy

Between gingivitis and periodontitis, many patients suffer with some form of gum disease. Healthy gums provide a necessary foundation for a healthy mouth. Unhealthy gums can affect your oral health as well as your overall health. The number one cause of adult tooth loss is gum disease and can also contribute to health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s and more. No matter your level of gum disease, our dental team is ready to help! From mild gingivitis treatment to scaling and root planing we can help reverse the severity of your gum disease and get you on the right track with your dental health. Brushing and flossing contribute to the prevention of gum disease. Our team can also provide you with tips for at-home care to improve the health of your gums. If you need help with periodontal disease in Ephrata, PA, set up a consultation today!

Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you are experiencing drowsiness after getting a full night of rest, struggle with loud snoring, or wake gasping for air, you may be experiencing sleep apnea. Your quality of rest affects your entire day and is also essential to your overall health. If you need help with possible sleep apnea, we offer a custom-made oral sleep appliance that can help you get the sleep you need. If you would like to learn more about sleep apnea in Ephrata, PA, call us today!

Sedation Dentistry

If fear is keeping you from seeing your dentist, call us to find out more about sedation dentistry! Face any visit, big or small, with the help of sedation. Sedation dentistry will help you to feel relaxed and at ease and make any type of dental care possible! We offer nitrous sedation, oral sedation and IV sedation. If you want to learn more about sedation dentistry in Ephrata, PA, call us today!